Friday Fanfare

Dear Good Shepherd Parish Family,

Temperatures rising to 100+  !  "Schools out for the Summer!" , and 'what just happened to 'spring'?!

It's North Texas in June!  The Heat is ON! 

So, let's talk about something more important, shall we?  Let's talk Baptism, Priest-deployment, and our wonderful Diocesan Camp.

Awaaay we Go!



Sunday, June 3rd (this coming Sunday!), is the First Sunday after Trinity.

This year, it is even more than that, though.

On Sunday, during our 9:15 a.m. Mass, we will bring a new soul into the Body of Christ!  Haven Layne Flanagan (grand-daughter of Earl and Shirley Lambes) will be baptized into Christ...sealed by the Holy Spirit in Baptism, and marked as Christ's own forever!

The Gift given in the Sacrament of Holy Baptism is complete and forever.  That Gift includes both the Forgiveness of Sins and the imparting of the Holy Spirit for Eternal Life.  There is no better setting for that than the Sunday Mass, when the Parish Family is gathered to participate in the Worship of Almighty God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  The Liturgy of Baptism (which will appear as an Insert to the Sunday bulletin) provides an opportunity for the parish to pledge all in its power to support the new Life in Christ of the person being baptized.  Baptism is never just an individual event.  Just as we are not first-born into a vacuum of individuality, but into a loving family that provides a community in which to grow as a person...So, we are Born Again through Baptism into a Church family that- likewise- encourages our growth as a Christian.

It will be our Joy to place this small role in the life of Haven Layne Flanagan on Sunday.  Come.  Rejoice. Pray. Encourage.


Previous to June, our two assisting priests, Fr. David Cardona and Fr. Bill Bloodgood, were away from GSAC two Sundays each month, but 'back home' every other Sunday.  This changes now.  Fr. Bill will- in addition to serving the Mission Church of St. Alban's in Hubbard- begin serving the Mission Church of St. Matthew's in Comanche Texas as well.  Fr. Cardona will- in addition to serving the Mission Church of St. Mary's in Hamilton- begin serving the Mission church of St. Patrick's in Dublin. 

What this means is that we will only see these two wonderful priests on the 5th Sundays.  For example, July 29th, Sept. 30th, etc.
It's quite a sacrifice for us...since we love and appreciate these two men so very much.  We are doing this to meet the diocesan need that suddenly arose when the supply priest for Comanche and Dublin could no longer drive there on Sundays.  Please join me in thanking Fr. Cardona and Fr. Bloodgood for their ministries at GSAC, and for the new responsibilities they have taken up in these two Mission congregations.  Think of it:  the clergy of our parish provide ministry for 5 congregations in the Southern Deanery!


The Summer Camp season for children and youth begins out at Camp Crucis (Granbury, TX ! ) on June 24th. 

The Vestry has given $2,000 to Camp Crucis' Summer Camp Scholarship Fund for use during the 2018 camp season.

There is still scholarship monies available...and a few open spots in some of the weeks of camp.  So:  if you have a child, grand-child, or know of any child Rising 1st Grade through Rising 12th Grade, who could benefit from a scholarship, let me know...right away!  The "paper work" is available by download  The sponsoring parish Priest must sign the application form.  So:  'LAST CALL!'  

(D)  The Calendar Forward

Here's the Parish Family's calendar of activities for the months ahead:  (And, Remember:  you can always reach this calendar via GSAC's web site: )

6/03            MASS: 9:15 Mass with Holy Baptism;  Refreshments; Christian Formation class                                                  6/04-6/08   Morning Prayer in the Chapel, 8:00 a.m.

6/04            SANDWICH MINISTRY; MONDAYS AT  5 PM in the parish hall

6/05            TUESDAY MORNING Mass in Main Church 10 a.m.  Bible Study-11 a.m.- parish hall

6/05            Prayer Shawl Ministry:  10 a.m. in the parish hall…with the Bible studiers

6/06            Anglican Church Women’s Meeting: 5:00 p.m. (Invitation:  stay for 6:30 Mass?)

6/06            WEDNESDAY MASS in Main Church- 6:30 pm, followed by “dinner on the town”

6/09            BOSA’s weekly Meeting:  8 a.m. Morning Prayer in Chapel; breakfast, meeting following

6/13            Daughters of the King Meeting: 5:00 p.m.

6/21-25       Fr. Smith & Sara away to Smith Family Reunion in East Texas

6/24            CAMP CRUCIS Summer Camp Session Begins; Sr. High Camp…9th-12th Grades

7/07            TELET “2 By 2”  11 a.m. in Parish Hall

7/08-7/13    “CONFETTI I” session of Camp Crucis:  1st-6th Grade

                           {Note:  Fr. Smith will be a Spiritual Director for this Camp session.}


God bless you...each and every one of you....

Fr. Stuart Smith