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    ood Shepherd Anglican Church

    is a member of the Anglican Communion, a Fellowship within the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, consisting of those duly constituted Dioceses, Provinces and regional churches in communion with the See of Canterbury, upholding and propagating the historic Faith and Order as set forth in the Old and New Testaments and expressed in the Book of Common Prayer and under the authority of Bishop Jack Iker and The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas.


    Fr. Smith's Bible Study

    Meets every Tuesday at 11:00 am in the Parish Hall with Fr. Smith  
    ..... and there is no homework!

    Meets every Saturday after Morning Prayer in the Chapel at 8:00
    Great Food, Great Fellowship and the Breakfast is delicious!

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    Brotherhood of St Andrew GSC
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    Prayer requests are very personal and Fr. Smith asks that you call the church office and talk to him directly: 817-326-2035.

    The secretary will schedule an appointment with Fr. Smith or make sure that you talk to him. 

    What is Anglican?
        Good Shepherd   

    is a place where your body, mind  and spirit will be fully fed, and your discipleship fully challenged and encouraged.   

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    Our Mission: 
    To Know Christ and Make Him Known to Others.

    Our Vision:
    We are an Anglican Parish seeking to worship God in all aspects of our  lives; striving to reach out to our community and beyond to spread the good news of God in Christ.
                  Regular Services: 
      9:15 Sunday Mass
     10:30 Refreshments, Parish Hall 
     11:15 Christian Formation
              Won't you please join us?
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    Ongoing Weekly Events

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    The 'Fun Bunch' meets every Monday at 5:00 in the Parish Hall. 
    Great Ministry, Great Fellowship!

    LOTS of FUN! 
    .... and Lanny can attest that the cookies and cheese are Great!

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    • From our Pro-Life, Sandwich and Food Pantry Ministries t o other, local, and worldwide ministries ...

    • Men's and women's groups, guilds, organizations, brigades and much more ...

    • Stephen Ministry, Parish Care Ministry and others ...

    • Come see how you can get involved and truly .......      
      Make a Difference!
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    You Are Welcome Here!

    We're so happy you found us and hope you find the
    information you're looking for about our wonderful, loving 
    Anglican Parish in Granbury, Texas!

    We hope you will call or visit us soon!


    What's Happening in and Around Good Shepherd?
    8:00 AM Morning Prayer in the Chapel (Monday - Saturday)


    The "Shepherd's Food Pantry" is Open for Business!

    Thank you Kathy & Jim Hanlon, Gary & Debra Cox, Fred & Sue Rauschuber, David Hankins and others!

    Bishop Iker blessed it on April 8 and it is officially "open for business"


    The Fourth Sunday of Easter: “GOOD SHEPHERD SUNDAY”

    April 22, 2018


    WELCOME!  The Good Shepherd Parish family welcomes you and yours into our Christian fellowship this morning!  We sincerely hope you feel at home and among friends.  Please sign the guest card found in the box on the pew in front of you and introduce yourself to the priest. If you would please fill out & wear a name tag, we would love to greet you by name! 


    WE WELCOME YOU TO RECEIVE HOLY COMMUNION.  All persons who have been baptized with water in the name of The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit, have been admitted to Holy Communion in their own church, and accept the teachings on the Holy Eucharist on pp 859-860 of the Prayer Book are welcome to share Holy Communion with us.  Those who have not been admitted to Holy Communion may come forward to the altar rail for a blessing.  Simply cross you arms over your chest as you kneel to receive a blessing.  Please know that we are honored to have you worshipping with us today!


    JESUS SAID, "LET THE LITTLE CHILDREN COME TO ME, AND DO NOT HINDER THEM, FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN BELONGS TO SUCH AS THESE."  Matthew 19:14. In keeping with the words of Jesus, all children are welcome at all services at Good Shepherd Anglican Church.  A Cry Room, equipped with TV and Speaker, is provided should your little one become distressed.   Thank You!


    ANOINTING FOR HEALING AVAILABLE AFTER EACH SUNDAY MASS.  Good Shepherd offers a team of clergy and/or lay intercessors who are honored to hear & pray for your requests for intercessions for needs of body, soul, or spirit.  Simply linger after the Mass is over, and look for them at the prayer desk located on the “Gospel” side (left of the altar as you look from the nave of the church. You are welcome to stay and pray.


    WE WELCOME FATHER DAVID CARDONA as our preacher today!  


    OUR “FEAST OF TITLE”:  ‘GOOD SHEPHERD SUNDAY’!  The 4th Sunday in Easter always includes a Reading that features Jesus “The Good Shepherd”.  Our aspiration is that our parish family will be a community in which people experience the healing, nourishing Presence of the Risen Lord Jesus.


    TODAY IN CHRISTIAN FORMATION:  We continue a series of looking deeply into the thrilling encounters of the earliest Christians with Jesus during these 40 days. Today’s focus:  Jesus shepherds and heals Mary Magdalene (John 20:14ff) and Peter (John 21:1-14; I Cor. 15:5).


    EASTER IS A 40 DAY SEASON OF RESURRECTION JOY!  Then comes the 10 day Season of Ascension-tide, punctuated by Christ’s ascent into Heaven for us.  After these 50 days, comes Pentecost.


    FEAST OF THE ASCENSION:  Wednesday, May 9th.  In this Feast, the Church glories, as Jesus bodily ascends into Heaven, taking our humanity to the Father’s presence.  6:30 Mass, followed by dinner.


    “NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER”:  Thursday, May 3rd at Granbury Convention Center from 6-7:30a.m. Doors open at 5:30a.m. (Free Breakfast).


    SIGN UP FOR BIBLE READING MARATHON!  Today Gary Werley will be at a table in the Parish Hall with information about the Granbury Bible Reading Marathon.


                                                    MARK YOUR CALENDARS:


    4/22            SUNDAY MASS: 9:15 Mass;  Refreshments; Christian Formation class

    4/22            EVENSONG CELEBRATION OF BP. IKER’S 25TH at St. Andrew’s, downtown FW

    4/23-4/27   Morning Prayer in the Chapel, 8 a.m.

    4/23            SANDWICH MINISTRY; MONDAYS AT …now at  5 PM in the parish hall

    4/24            TUESDAY MORNING Mass, 10 a.m.  Bible Study at 11 a.m. in parish hall

    4/25            WEDNESDAY MASS IN CHAPEL  (6:30 Mass, followed by ‘dinner on the town’)

    4/27-5/03   “BIBLE READING MARATHON” at the Courthouse (see Insert)

    5/02            ACW MEETING at 5pm in the Parish Hall (Meets every 1st Wednesday of the month)

    5/03            “NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER” , May 3rd at Convention Center (see insert)

    5/09            DOK MEETING at 5pm in the Parish Hall

    5/09            ASCENSION DAY MASS:  6:30 PM in Chapel, followed by “2nd Feast"                                                                5/20            PENTECOST SUNDAY:  PIPE ORGAN CONCERT BY ISAAC FOREMAN; 3 PM.

    Marti Barber (4/23)

    Andy & Laura Groome (4/24), Jim & Sue Norton(4/26),

    Gary & Debra Cox (4/28).